Cloud solutions for the health sector

We offer leading cloud solutions, developed with the latest technologies and development and security methodologies.

Bringing to each health sector comprehensive software simple and agile to use, allowing all types of companies to improve their managment and processes.

Vevi Care
Vevi Care

We are developers and consultants for products and companies in the healthcare sector.

We have advised hundreds of companies in the sector, in Spain and other countries, so Vevi Care software solutions are a guarantee for you and your business.

For this reason, from Vevi Care we suggest that you focus on your daily work, where you can add value and create business, and we take care of the rest, putting in your hands simple, modern and agile solutions that will improve your processes and their management.

Vevi Dental

Innovative solution that takes the management of your dental laboratory to the cloud (generalist, fixed prothesis, orthodontics, etc.) or milling center.

With Vevi Dental you can control and plan your works, you will cumply with the health legislation, perform billing, manage your stock, interact with your customers, etc.

All this in a simple way and from the same place. Thanks to our integral vision, you will substantially improve the management of your laboratory, and this will impact on an increase of your productivity and benefits.

Vevi Dental
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Vevi Clinic

Cloud software for the agile and comprehensive management of a dental clinic, adapted to the current needs of dental clinics

Designed to increase the productivity of your clinic and equipment, helping you to improve the processes and profitability of your dental center.

With Vevi Clinic you will comply with the health legislation, you could control and plan your appointments, manage your treatments and budgets, perform billing and charge control, as well as manage your stock, expenses, interact with your dental laboratories and providers, etc.

All this in a simple way and from the same place.


Improve your medical clinic, its management and processes, reducing the administrative burden of your business and focusing on what really matters.

With Caregement you can work from anywhere and on any device, always keeping your data safe, forgetting technical aspects such as software installation or update, backups or other security problems.

In a simple and clear way you will be able, among other things, to have an analytical vision of your clinic, to carry out really focused and successful marketing campaigns, as well as to carry out a complete day-to-day management of your clinic, such as managing appointments, calendars, budgets, billing, etc.

Vevi Academy
Vevi Academy

Vevi Systems has always aimed to get companies to improve their management and processes. We develop software products that help it.

Following this goal we take a step further by creating Vevi Academy. It’s our training room where we make available to your company the experience gained after advising thousands of clients. We offer you a personalized training. We will teach you how to organize and control the company, know where to look at each moment and we will propose focused solutions. In short: we will help modernize and improve each company, improve processes and learn to analyze the data and the consequences we get from them. We will obtain as a final result to increase the profits of the company.

Care Channel

Communication channel between healthcare professionals. Focused on job search and offer, buying and selling materials and machinery, and offering products and services.

Your ads will reach healthcare professionals directly, a sector-related audience, multiplying your chances of success. All this is integrated into the Vevi Care platform you are using. This way you have a channel of advertising, buying and selling or job search at a click.

In addition, it is completely free for users of any of the Vevi Care platforms.

Care Channel